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San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua : Movistar Telephone 8808-3255  email: info@tech-nica.net

TECH-Nica SA does professional consulting for many types of projects. The following rates are a
basic example of the costs involved and are subject to change.

Security Consulting: $300 includes a basic report and evaluation

Container Construction: $500 This price includes requirements, basic floor plans, basic renderings.
Up to Five of each type and the $500 is deducted from the project if TECH-Nica SA is hired to build
the container home.

Technology Consulting: Rates vary based on the scope of the project. Please contact for a quote.

Alternative Energy Consulting is truly a custom job. Consulting rates start out at $30 per hour.

Construction Oversight is on a per project basis. Pleases email the details so a quote can be

Land purchasing can be a difficult and costly task especially if not done properly. Our expert service
providers can help you check for a clean and clear title, outstanding debits or leans on the property
or and if you are getting the deal you believe you are. Our rates vary by how many of our services
our clients need. Please contact us for a quote.